Things to do in the garden in October – Feed your soil

Looking for jobs to do in the garden in October? Top of the list should be feeding your soil with quality organic matter.

Soil quality is the key factor in growing great produce so we need to be thinking about incorporating lots of organic matter annually in the garden in October or November and how best to manage weeds.

Good practice is to get into the habit of every year giving your garden or allotment a good weeding and then incorporate lots of quality organic matter (like compost or well rotted manure) at the end of the main growing season. It is vital to to keep adding organic matter to our beds to replenish nutrients, create the correct habitat for essential soil organisms such as earthworms, bind soil particles and improve a soil’s capacity to retain water.

If you can lay your hands on sufficient organic matter you should cover your beds with a thick layer (about 10cm (4in) deep). This will keep the light from getting to the weeds and hopefully kill off the annual weeds. You could also consider using a further covering, such as cardboard. It takes a while to get rid of perennial weeds like Nettles and Docks just by starving them of light, but be patient, keep them mulched and concentrate on regular weeding and hoeing (if you stop weeds coming to seed you will be much better able to control them).

If you get into the habit of the annual feeding and weeding in the garden in October you will be treated to some wonderfully fertile beds that will put you in great shape for successful cropping.

If anyone has any tips, questions or suggestions, please comment below.

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