Stobo Community Garden nearly ready

Our Community Garden at Stobo is pretty much ready for growing food!!!


We have created the garden for free using waste materials sourced locally (cardboard, pallets, manure, topsoil) and donated or shared tools and have used zero chemicals. All work has been done by volunteers. We have not required any public funding or grants. Please take a look at the photos in the gallery below to see a wonderful transformation.

This has been our biggest job to date with lots of hedges and trees to take out and large areas to clear of weeds and grass. Special thanks goes out to Matthew, Rudi, Connor, Oli, Laura, Richard, Michelle, Margaret-Ann, Donna and Viki who all helped out. Thank you very much!

Some of the edible trees we will receive in November will be planted in this garden. Potatoes, swede, beetroot, carrots, parsnips are already growing and lots of wildflowers have been sown. Soon we will be finishing preparing the main growing area in the centre of the garden and will rabbit proof it with a fence.

As with our Peebles and Waterheads community gardens, the plan is to grow this garden together as a team. If lots of us chip in a few hours here and there we will make the garden a massive success, growing ourselves lots of lovely food. Anyone who is involved with regularly growing in the gardens is free to harvest food, along with the garden owners, and any surplus is sold to generate revenue for our social enterprise Food Communities Ltd. Our aim is to be self-sustaining with a clear, long term plan to make money, low running costs, and all profits reinvested back into our food communities.

Please leave a comment or GET IN TOUCH if you fancy getting involved. Many thanks!

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