Produce from our Peebles garden in 2018

Here is a nice reminder of all the great vegetables we grew in our Peebles community garden this year completely for free. Please take a look at the slideshow of images below…


This was the first year for our Peebles community garden. A year ago it was an unused weed jungle. Our volunteers tidied up the space, removed the weeds, built planters, created fertile beds, sowed seeds and harvested a fantastic haul of organic veg.

It is worth remembering that we did all of this completely for free. All the work has been done by volunteers using donated tools, materials, and seeds. We did not use any public funding to achieve this project and the veg was shared between the volunteers and garden owners. 

Everyone’s a winner! And we now have a beautiful new space to enjoy in Peebles that is only going to get more and more productive.

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