Please like and share this website so that more people get involved with Food Communities, building a movement of interlinked communities producing our own food!


Having a website that links the network of Food Community groups will enable us to find more members from outside of Facebook to further promote Food Communities and the production of our own food as communities.

I would also like to invite you to write posts to be published on the blog, in our Facebook groups, and the wider internet. Our blog is there to spotlight the knowledge and talents of members and share local know-how. Please send your posts (ideally with photos) to and I will post them. Anything food or community related will be much appreciated (growing, foraging, preserving, storing, cooking, etc).

Food Community groups are led by the community for the community. By working efficiently as a team and pooling our knowledge, time and resources we can be eating our own food all year round for next to nothing and helping protect our environment.

Many thanks!

(PS: This website was created for free by me. I am not a pro web designer so if anyone notices something that doesn’t work or could look better please let me know)

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