Do you fancy swapping plants, seeds or cuttings with other growers? Have you grown too many of certain plants? Do you have some useful plants that you could take cuttings from? Do you have surplus seeds? Maybe someone else has got some plants/seeds/cuttings that you would like.

  • Once registered, click the ‘Add listing’ button in your account dashboard and add your listing as a grower. Add a profile pic and list the plants/seeds/cuttings that you have available for swapping (upload some photos of your plants as well if you wish).
  • Search for growers who have the plants you want (type in e.g. blackcurrant or sage in the search bar and you will be taken to a list of growers who have those particular plants available for a swap).
  • Get in touch with a grower directly using the contact form in their profile and see if they are interested in swapping for the plants you have to offer.
  • Agree on your swap and post your plants.

DISCLAIMER: Any swap is entirely the responsibility of the swappers involved. Food Communities cannot be held responsible in any way for anything that relates to any exchange.

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