Everyone is invited to join the Voluntary Management Committee of Food Communities Ltd and to be more involved with organising your own local Food Community.


Please join the Voluntary Management Committee of Food Communities Ltd and get more involved with running your own local Food Community. You can be as active as you wish. All input will be greatly appreciated. As a minimum you would be expected to attend one meeting per year. Please GET IN TOUCH or leave your comment below. It would be wonderful to have you more involved with Food Communities Ltd. The more the merrier!!!

Food Communities Ltd

Food Communities Ltd (SC575014) is a limited by guarantee social enterprise company set up to coordinate our network of Food Community Facebook groups that started up across the Scottish Borders a year ago. We now have nearly a thousand Food Community members who are producing, foraging, swapping and sharing food, seeds, plants, tools, materials, advice, skills and time. Our volunteers have also created three large community gardens for free using waste materials, donated or shared tools, and zero chemicals. We have not required any public funding or grants and will be using these gardens to grow lots of lovely organic food together.

Because we are not reliant on funding, pay no rent and have little to no expenses, we have a strong long term plan. Food Communities Ltd aims to be self sustaining with a clear plan to make money, low running costs (accountant, insurance, seeds), and all profits reinvested back into our food communities. Surplus food, flowers, trees, plants, seedlings, seeds and compost from the community gardens will be sold to generate revenue for the groups. We will also be selling a range of our own products including planters, mini polytunnels, bird boxes, bird tables, and bug hotels and looking for further income from advertising, sponsorship and donations.


Are you concerned about the environmental damage caused by modern industrial agriculture such as soil degradation, biodiversity loss, and water pollution? Or about how local producers and distributors have been squeezed out by big chain stores, the greenhouse gases they emit transporting goods in and around the country, and the trail of plastic left in their wake? What about the uncertainty and impending food price hikes after Brexit?

The solution is to get properly organised and grow, forage, preserve, store, swap and share our own food from our own gardens, allotments and countryside. Food Communities can provide the foundation and framework for a new food system where local communities are producing and distributing our own food all year round. If communities work together, with lots of people chipping in, and maximise our own land in our local areas, we can be enjoying fresher, healthier, tastier, more eco-friendly and sustainable, truly local food that also saves us money.

Please leave a comment or GET IN TOUCH if you fancy getting involved. Many thanks!

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