Food Communities Ltd

Communities working together to enjoy the freshest, tastiest, healthiest, most eco-friendly, non-packaged, truly local food

Food Communities Ltd (company number SC575014) is a limited by guarantee social enterprise based in Peebles, Scottish Borders set up in Aug 2017. There are no shareholders and any profits are reinvested back into the organisation and communities we serve. Food Communities seeks large scale social and environmental change by inspiring and facilitating a mass collaborative movement of communities adopting a new sustainable lifestyle around producing and sharing our own food.

We provide free support to help communities grow, forage, preserve, store, share and cook their own food via our website, blog, network of Facebook groups and community gardens. Members share produce, tools, materials, resources, seeds, plants, knowledge and skills. We have created three community food gardens on members’ land and have offers of more land to use to create further food gardens. We have planted around five hundred trees, grow more new trees and bushes each year from seeds and cuttings, and are enjoying an increasing amount of organic fruit, veg and herbs. We have organised produce and seed swap events, along with workshops and talks, created food drop-off points, supplied produce to local greengrocers, guided high school children through the volunteering section of their Duke of Edinburgh Award, featured in local newspaper articles, and been interviewed for radio and television.

Food Communities believes in a network of collaborative, compassionate, small scale, truly local, organic growing projects. Through our work we can help to lessen environmental damage (soil degradation, biodiversity loss, water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions), boost local economies, support local producers and reduce the use of plastic and food miles. The food we champion, truly local, non-packaged food with the lowest possible food miles, grown in harmony with nature, is potentially the freshest, tastiest, healthiest, most eco-friendly and most economical and our goal is to make this the norm. If communities pool our knowledge, time and resources, make better use of our land and work together efficiently with lots of people contributing in whatever way they can, we can be eating our own sustainable food all year round.

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