Food Communities Ltd

Communities working together to enjoy the freshest, tastiest, healthiest, most eco-friendly, truly local food AND SAVE MONEY!

Food Communities Ltd is a limited by guarantee social enterprise company (Company number: SC575014) set up to coordinate the network of Food Community groups across the Scottish Borders. There are over a thousand Food Community members who are producing, foraging, swapping and sharing food, seeds, plants, tools, materials, advice, skills and time.

Our volunteers have also created various large community gardens for free using waste materials, donated or shared tools, and zero chemicals. We have not required any public funding or grants and will be using these gardens to grow lots of lovely organic food together. Because we are not reliant on funding, pay no rent and have little to no expenses, we have a strong long term plan.

Food Communities Ltd aims to be self-sustaining with a clear, long term plan to make money, low running costs (accountant, insurance, seeds), and all profits reinvested back into our food communities. Surplus food, flowers, trees, plants, seedlings, seeds and compost from the community gardens will be sold to generate revenue for the groups. We will also be selling a range of our own products including planters, mini polytunnels, bird boxes, bird tables, and bug hotels and looking for further income from advertising, sponsorship and donations.

Food Communities are led by the community for the community. We want as many people as possible to get involved and there are numerous ways to participate (e.g. join the Facebook groups, visit/work in our community gardens, read/write for our blog). You can be as active as you wish. All input will be greatly appreciated.

Please GET IN TOUCH & Thank you for your support!


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