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We have been farming oats for over 30 years on our family farm near Kelso in the Scottish Borders and we wanted to create our own products to showcase how special they are. We think our organic oats, grown with care in a beautiful location, taste fantastic. Our organic approach helps nature thrive as well as our oats – but give them a try and let us know what you think!

We focus on what we’re best at – growing organic oats! We use a grass and cover crop rotation to keep the land as fertile and healthy as possible. Besides that, most of our fields are on a sunny south facing hillside, helping the oats to grow quickly and increase crop yields, making sure we’re producing the highest quality oats.

We are fully in control of the certified supply chain. It takes 6 months to grow the oats in our fields, then we harvest them and take them to the local mill.

The quality of our unique oat products is not just down to the idyllic growing conditions, but also depends on the skill of the millers, who have perfected their craft over the years. We’ve been working with them since our very first crop – and they help us turn our oats into tasty natural products.

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