420 native edible trees planted in our community gardens

Many thanks to all the volunteers who came along to our tree planting at the weekend. You were all amazing!!!


It was a brilliant day out at our Waterheads community garden on Saturday. We planted around 400 edible native trees (Blackthorn, Crab Apple, Elder, Dog Rose, Hazel, Rowan) very generously supplied by The Woodland Trust. Most of the trees were planted before lunchtime thanks to a great turnout of enthusiastic volunteers! We have a few trees left over that will be planted in our Stobo community garden.

We created a nice double line hedge around all of the garden area and later planted wider-spaced areas of hazels, rowans and cherries which will grow into larger trees. The hedge will provide a wind break to the garden area where we will be growing lots of fruit and veg next year and will become a home for lots of mammals, birds and insects. And by planting 400 trees will be absorbing a lot of carbon dioxide and releasing a lot of oxygen!

All of the fruits that eventually grow on the hedge and larger individual trees will be available to the group to come and freely harvest (sloes, apples, elderberries, hazelnuts, etc).

There was a wonderful atmosphere around the garden on Saturday and it was great to get to know everyone. A perfect illustration of what can be accomplished, and the fun we can have doing it, when lots of people pull together.


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