Communities producing our own food

Working together to enjoy the freshest, tastiest, healthiest, most eco-friendly, non-packaged, truly local food AND SAVE MONEY!

Facebook groups

Please join the main Facebook Group for your county where members share tips and information on everything and anything related to growing, foraging, preserving, preparing and storing food. Please also join the sub-group specific to your local area where you can swap and share your homegrown and foraged food, seeds, plants, tools, materials, skills, advice, recipes, etc, with your neighbours.


Search our directory to source your food and drink from local growers, producers, swappers and sellers in and around The Scottish Borders. Categories include fruit, vegetables, oil, grains, legumes, herbs, etc. If you are a grower, producer, swapper or seller local to the Scottish Borders you can add your free listing to the directory.

Community gardens

Food Communities have created various community gardens which we use to grow organic fruit and veg together and we also help promote the community gardens of other community groups. Please take a look at how we have created our gardens and where to find your local community garden.


Please take a look at the Food Communities Blog where you can find out what is happening with our community gardens, read posts from other group members and learn about what needs doing in your garden or allotment throughout the year and how to do it.

Become a supporter

Regular monthly contributions and single one-off contributions are vital to the success of Food Communities. Food Communities Ltd is a social enterprise without shareholders and all profits are reinvested back into the organisation and the communities we serve. We greatly appreciate any contribution you are willing to make and guarantee that it will be put to excellent use.

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