Communities growing our own food

Working together to enjoy the freshest, tastiest, healthiest, most eco-friendly, non-packaged, truly local food

Join your local Food Community group


Connect with like-minded neighbours and share food, seeds, plants, tools, materials, knowledge and skills. If there is a group in your local area, click on it in the map to reveal links to contact and join the group. If there is no group already in your local area, please get in touch and we will start one for you.

Join the Food Communities Facebook group


This is our main Facebook group where members share ideas, advice and information on everything related to growing, storing and cooking vegetables, fruit and herbs and to improving the efficiency of our local Food Community groups.

Food Communities aims for large scale social and environmental change by inspiring and facilitating a mass collaborative movement of communities adopting a new sustainable lifestyle around producing and sharing our own food. The food we champion, non-packaged food with the lowest possible food miles, grown in harmony with nature, is potentially the freshest, tastiest, healthiest, most eco-friendly and most economical and our goal is to make it the norm. Members share food, seeds, plants, tools, materials, knowledge and skills and are encouraged to work as a team to maximise the potential of local gardens, allotments and waste land, to help more people start growing, and to get more fresh food to people in need. READ MORE ABOUT FOOD COMMUNITIES

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